Electrical Challenges


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Some of you have now seen my notes on working over the Tourmaster. It is a challenge sometimes. If anyone out there is familiar with the Sunbeam 12 volt florescents - I have an interesting problem.

I have a coach with one feed and 20 amp fuse going to a total of 3 ceiling lights. Two units would work with new fuse and the third (bedroom) would not. Took bedroom unit down and it simply would not work. With that unit disconnected I fugured that the fuse replacement would certainly take care of the remaining 2 units. Wrong! For some reason it still blew the fuse. Possibly this circuit is feeding something more than those 3 lights and I don't have it fugured out yet.

Anyone out there familiar with the tourmaster and wiring to these lights (kitchen ceiling - bathroom ceiling - and bedroom ceiling).

Then comes the electric steps - motor is good - but still have not fugured out if the controller is good or not yet.

Love these challanges. Bill