Electrical problem - help!

We connected a new radio/CD player to the RV battery and the engine battery did not start after doing all this. We boosted it & it started right away.

Today, we did the same to connect an inverter to the 12V battery & the engine did not start. Had to boost again.

Both batteries are brand new.

If we just play the radio & put the lights on, the engine starts o.k. It's only when we are doing work with the RV battery (12V).



RE: Electrical problem - help!

from what i read ,, u say that the engine battery is what u are having probs with,, is this correct??? ,, what about the coach batteries,, do they seem to stay charged up??? also where are u hooking up the inverter??? u need to hook it up to the coach or house batts ,,not the engine batt,, please give us sme more info on what u'r actually trying to do ,,and that way we can respond better,, and bty ,, welcme to the forum ,, ;) :approve: :)
RE: Electrical problem - help!

We are having problems with the engine battery. The coach battery (for the 12V things) stays charged 100%. The inverter is hooked up to the coach battery with a breaker which is turned off when not in use. The wire to connect it to the battery is within 5 feet, so there is no problem there.

But it is when we fiddle around too much with either the cigarette lighter (we were trying to connect the MP-3 with a special attachment) or when we work around around the coach battery to plug new things.

It's a real mystery.... last night we played the radio all evening, then tried the engine and everything started A-1. It's only when the coach battery is worked on.

By the way, both batteries are brand new.

Thanks. This is a pretty good forum by the way. :)

P.S. I often see your slogan in Negril, Jamaica!!


RE: Electrical problem - help!

thanks for liking my signiture ,, and believe me if it was up to me i would make it true ,, bty i'm on the beach right now,,, ok back to u'r prob,, u said the coach or house battery stays up 100% right ,, now do u mean the one that run's all rv lights and stuff inside the rv???,, and bty u stated that,, the engine battery worked fine ,, even with playing the radio all night ,, this has me a little confused ,,,, i hope that u are not trying to hook up the mp3 to the house battery???? can u explain more ,, please ;) :) :)
Re: Electrical problem - help!

no no no I bought an MP-3 converter from the FM radio... that's another thing... but today we played the radio all day & the RV started fine - go figure.... tomorrow we are doing another test (yeah it's getting funny) we will unplug the 12V battery (the one giving power to the RV) and we will start the RV & see if it starts... :angry:

I am french-canadian so that is why sometimes I cannot explain thoroughly what I mean.... but I try anyway we'll let you know tomorrow what happens --- it's beginning to seem funny!!!

Thanks for your help anyway!