Electrical problem


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I have been having problems with circuit breaker popping that control lights and fridge and rear outlets. I unplugged everything and when I flip switch it pops after 15 seconds to 5 min. The other electrical is working. I was wondering if breaker may need replacement. I know electrical is hard to diagnose just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

79 Komfort

Thanks everyone

C Nash

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Electrical problem

Welcome to the forum Andy28. Bet there is something else on the circuit that is throwing the switch but the breaker is not that expensive so try a new one. let us know what you find.

John Harrelson

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Electrical problem

Just for the sake of asking .... is there by chance a GFI wall receptacle on that circuit ?

I ask because I had that problem in my old motor home and it turned out to be the GFI receptacle was bad. When I removed the GFI receptacle there was rust on the metal parts and the wires attached to the GFI receptacle were "burnt Blue" colored.

I guess it was stuck (or something) from the rust and would not trip, so after a few minutes it would trip the breaker in the electric panel.

I did notice that the face of the GFI receptacle was real warm after I kept resetting the breaker several times..

I think I was real lucky that day, huh ?