Electrical Problem???

Hi All,

All of a sudden BOTH AC compressors will not kick on! We were plugged into 30 amps all weekend and everything worked great!

Pulled into a new campground Monday afternoon, plugged into 30 amps and now no AC Compressors (the fans work, but the compresors do not kick on).

We tried all of the following:

1. Changed outlets
2. Unplugged and tried just the generator
3. Checked and re-set all breakers: coach panel, invertor and generator (including the ones at the shoreline plug)

None of this has worked.

Additionally, our EMS panel is showing a lack of power to run all appliances, however ALL appliances are working fine...as are all of our 110 outlets and all 12-volts.
We have checked the AC compressors and they are both getting power and the relays seem to be in working order.

At this point we believe it is either the Thermostat or the EMS panel. For some reason, the signal is not getting to the compressors from the panel.

Does any of this make sense to anyone? Are we on the right track? Any other suggestions??

Re: Electrical Problem???

Try a different outlet or verify their is 30amps at the one your plugging into. besides that having all appliances on and expecting both ac's to run at 30amp source wont work. their is a 3minute delay on most roof ac's in the thermistat and start device.
Re: Electrical Problem???

HI Kali,

Yes, of course, testing the shore power was the first thing we did - it proved ok.....and no, of course we know we cannot run 2 AC's on 30 amps. We tested 1 at a time. Ours is usually a 2 or 3 minute delay, but after waiting 5-10 mins w/no compressor kicking in, it was obvious something was not right.


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RE: Electrical Problem???

Same answer as at the other board ---

Could be oven is over heating and shutting down.

We only have the 950 watt micto, it draws 15 to 18 amps, depending on line voltage

C Nash

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Re: Electrical Problem???

My guess would be the ems panel but, if the compressors are getting correct voltage they should work. Will just the fan work?


Re: Electrical Problem???

u do have 30 amp service for sure right???
Some CG have probs with the poles u plug into ,, u my plug into a 30 amp,, but u may be getting only 15,,, i found this out myself ,, while plugged into my house power ( see post ,, dumb thing to do in this forum)
U may not realy hve 30 amps due to the fact that u stated that at the CS the a/c worked fine,, i would ck into this ,, and post us back on the findings.. :)
U may have a ems prob as stated above ,, did everyting work ok at the 1st sight??? What did u do between changing sites ,, just some input ques..
Re: Electrical Problem???

Thanks to everyone! I'm so glad I am not crazy!! Yes, I agree...I believe it is the EMS panel....I'm taking the coach into the shop on Monday. We have checked out all the other options and have narrowed it down to this. I'll let you know how it goes.