Electrical problem

This is my first posting, but I have been vistiting this forum for over a year now. For someone new to RVing, this is the place to learn. I have a 2005 Rockwood TT that we purchased for family outings. I have had it for a little over a year now and have not had any problems until now. I keep my TT connected to the electricity at my house when I'm not using it. Sometimes when we cannot get away for the weekend, my kids (9 & 5) and I, will stay in the camper and watch movies. This past weekend I woke up to a loud churping noise. I found that the lights did not work and the battery was nearly dead. However, the TV and microwave still work but the furnace or AC will not. I checked all of the fuses and breakers in the trailer, and in my house. I could not find anything obviously wrong. My question is, could there be something wrong with my power converter? Or, could it be because my battery is bad? I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
Re: Electrical problem

Have you been monitoring the water level in your battery while the trailer has been connected to the house?

You have a carbon monoxide/propane alarm which has a 24/7 draw, and, being hooked up to your home electric, your converter is juicing your battery, the alarm is draining it and the water in the battery is gone in no time. Add distilled water to your battery and see if the battery will take a charge.

I have my camper hooked up and have to check my water level every two weeks - and most times have to add water.
Re: Electrical problem

I have not had an oportunity to check anything yet. I had a death in the family and have not had time. You guys have given me some real good places to start. I'll get back when I have had a chance to look things over a bit more. Thank you for your advice.
Re: Electrical problem

Usually, you don't need a battery to work everything if you are plugged into electricty. However, your lights, furnace, and even AC require 12 volts to work.

What has probably happened is this: You battery water boiled out and the battery shorted. This has probably ruined your converter by over working it.