electrical problems no power

can someone help me. I have put twso new batteries in my Terry fifth wheel. My slide out and landing gear works good but that is it. When I am pluged into the house or the generator everything works fine. But when it is on its own. Nothing works but the slide out and landing gear. I have checked all the fuses and they are good the breakers are all set and the batteries are new and connected the breakers by the batteries are both hot(have power). This has drove me to the farm. Please help. thanks Bart.


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Re: electrical problems no power

Aux battery switch? I have one on my old class a. if not turned on, stuff won't work inside for 12 volt. Check your owners manual or call 800 number for manufacturer help or dealership where you bought it. Welcome to the forum
Re: electrical problems no power

When some trailers have a battery disconnect, the slideout and jacks work, but nothing else. Never seen that in a Terry though.

You mention breakers, are you talking about the 12 volt reset fuses? Because if you are talking about the real FUSES, they are 120 volt and have nothing to do with the batteries. I have had a few customers think the AC, microwave, TV, etc. will work off batteries. They won't.
Re: electrical problems no power

What year is it? Some older models with a Magnatek converter had a relay in them that would stick and not swap back after being conected to shore power. Bang the side of the magnatek with your hand and see if everything starts working. If so you need to replace the relay with a new solid state one.
Good luck