Electrical problems

[Scot] I have a &#039 98 25 ft. 5th wheel and have had no complaints till now. Something is wrong with the DC system. Everything works on AC current except the radio and the slide out pump, so I am assuming those are both 12 volt only. Nothing works on 12 volt only. I have used the same battery to hook up directly to slide-out pump with jumpers and it has worked fine so battery has juice. All 12 volt fuses look fine. Can find no in-line fuses. Not a decent wiring diagram, at least for me, to look at. Any suggestions?
Electrical problems

[Gary B] Hi Scot, the radio and slide will not work without a battery on line. There is most likely a fuse or circuit breaker between the battery and the main buse at the converter, yor lights water pump fridge monitor light bar, overhead fans etc all run of of 12V DC most should work with out a battery, if these don&#039t work with the rig pluged into 110V AC, then your converter is also off line, when you plug into 110 vac you should here a click in the converter, if you don&#039t it&#039s not working. You need to test each and all the fuses to many sure one isn&#039t blown, but you can&#039t see it. Good luck GB
Electrical problems

[Vern M] Go to the power handler/battery charger, and see if 12 volts is coming out of it where it is supposed to. With a volt/ohm meter, trace the 12 volts back from a socket to the Todd or whomever box and from the battery to the box. If it has continuity on the dead side and voltage on the "hot" side from battery, the problem is in the battery charger, 12 volt deliverer. It sounds as though that is where you&#039ll find a problem.

Vern M.
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Electrical problems

[Paul B] Keep checking for fuses. You will find them in the stangest and can&#039t get to places. I had an electrical problem and found two!! fuses by touch, because you could not see them directly. It&#039s frustrating but keep looking. Also, make sure you have reset all automatic circuit breakers, the ones that don&#039t look like a normal circuit breaker. That was one of my problems. Good luck Paul