Hopeing someone in this knowledgeable group can help me with this.
After taking 1996 HR Vacationer out of storage, I realized I had no electrical power to some of the receptacles in the coach. All appliances (fridge,microwave, A/C)and the receptacles in the lower section of coach work as they should. All receptacles above say, waist high do not.

Appreciate any help you may be able to give an electrical dummy!!



My Winnie has done this before. Turned out to be that the GFI was kicking out on that circuit. Loose wiring at a different receptacle altogether.

As stated above, check for a tripped ground fault circut. Best place to look is in the bathroom. Your outlet will have a reset switch on it. Good luck.

i'd definately check the bathroom gfi. i had the same problem in a trailer i was working on at the rv dealer i work at the front 120 outlets worked but none of the rear one's worked. i checked the gfi and sure enough reset it and i was good to go

Check GFI might have two. Bathroom and kitchen sometimes outside plug. If you have an inverter as well check to see if it has kicked off. You can check at your control panel and on the unit itself (usually found in the basement).

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