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On Vacation last week...started the RV and the brake light was flashing and beeping. The Emergency brake was not engaged. I also had no power to the coach (no battery power). Everytime I engaged the battery disconnect switch the brake light and beeping would stop for several seconds then begin beeping again. Several minutes on the road the problem corrected itself until the next morning after the RV sat overnight... I called an RV maintence person the next morning when my outdoor step would not engage and come in when I was ready to leave. Then I hear a click...and I have full power to the coach with fully charged batterys and problem disappears....any suggestions????? Disconnect selenoid...but why the brake light?? Thanks Jim


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Re: Electrical

Welcome to the forum, Jim!

You might come back with the brand and model of your RV.

This sounds like you have a hot wire rubbing intermittantly to the chassis. This might go away for a while, but it won't fix itself.


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Re: Electrical

Your electric step is powered by the chassis battery system, so it sounds as though you have a problem with either the battery isolator or perhaps some bad connections to the battery posts. This electrician would start by cleaning both battery post connections and making sure that they were good and tight. Next I would find the connection from the negative post to the chassis ground and make sure that is also clean and tight. If you have a meter, do a resistance check from the lifted negative cable to the chassis. It should be very close to 0 ohms.

And make a post to let us know what is the latest and we might be able to help some more.