electronic shift selector for a md3060

Hey- I am looking for a shift selector for a 1997 gulfstream tourmaster class a. We purchased this unit used and have found this shift selector to be bad. The number on it is 29523012. I believe it is the whole assembly. I'm guessing it is for the allison transmission which the md3060 stands for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know maybe what I would need???? Thanks for any help out there.
Re: electronic shift selector for a md3060

Problem resolve. I ended up purchasing a new ECU for the unit. Ouch!!! Had it programmed and am now having oil pressure sensor problems. Not sure if the wiring is hooked up correct. If anyone out there has any advice on the wiring from a c8.3 cummins to the oil pressure sensor that would be great. We are getting a read out that the oil sensor has failed but since the motor has been replaced, we and the so called machanic is not sure about the wiring part. Needless to say we have been in search. Thanks!