Email Stripper

John Harrelson

New Member
I love jokes and other things I receive in my emails and those that are posted on the forum...
but some of the forwarded emails I receive and some of the postings on the forums are "Cut and Pasted" from yet another email.

In many cases when this happens, the post shows up with the ... ">>>>>" the post.. Mostly they are on the left side, but sometimes are scattered throughout the post..

It is frustrating to try and remove all of those ">>>>" from the email before "Cutting and Pasting" it for saving, forwarding, posting, etc..

Well here is the greatest thing since sliced bread... it's called

It's a very small program ... doesn't take up much space on your computer and best of all its FREE

Really simple to use...

When the little email stripper window opens, you will see three buttons ... "PASTE", "STRIP-IT" and "COPY"

Here is what you do...

#1 highlight and copy the email that has all those little arrows in it

Now open the Email Stripper program... (an icon will be on your desktop)

#2. click the "PASTE" button in the little window and the email will appear in the little window

#3. click the "STRIP-IT" button and "Poooof" the little arrows are gone.

#4. click the "COPY" button and then you can close the stripper window

Now you can "Paste" the cleaned up joke or story to where you want it..

you can save it or paste it in an email or paste it in the forum's little composing window..

I average getting one of those emails full of the arrows two or three times a month.. just often enough to make them aggravating to read.. so I really like the "EMAIL STRIPPER" program

best wishes,