Emoticons not working?


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Re: Emoticons not working?

Mine never showed the emoticon until I submitted it. Then it appears in the post. Perhaps there is a switch which controls that? :clown: shows as ':clown:' while typeing this
Re: Emoticons not working?

Yep, that's how mine works, too. Oh, and by the way you have discovered the secret to those little icons on the left! All they do is enter the text into your message!

I'm typing :clown: this time.

This time I click on the icon on the left to get :clown: .

See? Now, shhhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone the secret! :evil:
Re: Emoticons not working?

:) :( ;) :eek: :bleh: :cool: :laugh: :angry: :8ball: :approve: :blackeye: :blush: :evil: :disapprove: :dead: :clown: :kiss: :question: :shy: :sleepy: sometimes when I want three it only displays one or two or it just says what it's ment to be. Bazzer UK.
Re: Emoticons not working?

deniloo, looking at you last two posts, you didn't leave a SPACE before the word/emoticon. The forum had no way to PARSE the text into an icon/picture. :laugh: :clown: