Engine Shroud (Dog House) Replacement


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When I purchased my 2013 Fleetwood Bounder 35K Gas engine motorhome from a dealer (2023), the engine shroud was quite covered in the carpet and did not show any concerns. Well low and behold after travelling west and my wife step on the edge of the shroud, we realized how weak the overall structure was that covered the engine, let alone how loud the engine roared as it accelerated or deaccelerated. When we finally got to our destination, l removed the lid to the shroud and low and behold, the overall structure had been quite damaged and held together via brackets and screws that the dealer had managed to make it look OK! (see attached) So after alot of searching on how to fix or replace I finally found a fabricating shop that could custom build me a new one out of aluminum. I acquired the specs/pictures from Fleetwood and along with my old shroud let the fabrication house make me a new one. (see attached) The cost was considerably less than fiberglassing a new one or fixing the old one. If anyone is in the position that I have been, I have the opportunity to make more if you are interested in a new engine shroud in aluminum. Quite light, a removable lid but bigger opening and fits perfectly like the original. This part is no longer available from Fleetwood RV parts or any salvage RV places around North America. (Canada/USA). I have attached a picture of my engine opening space that this shroud would fit. There are quite the # of models build by Fleetwood that used this engine shroud (Axon/Bounder & Classic/Encounter & Storm/Fiesta/Pace Arrow/Southwind/Terra/Holiday Rambler Admiral/ Holiday Rambler Admiral XE/Holiday Rambler Reno/Holiday Rambler Trek) with the years varying from as early as 2007 to approx. 2018. If you are interested you can contact me at ricklittle3@gmail.com to discuss. Pictures sizes are large so not acceptable to attach. Pls email me for pictures. Thanks Rick


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Thanks for sharing your experience and solution, Rick! It's great to hear how you found a cost-effective and customized fix for your motorhome halloween squish. Your offer to help others facing similar issues is very generous.