Engine Swap Mechanic in the West


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Hello fellow classic motorhome enthusiasts. I am reaching out to your community to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

I have a 1989 AeroCruiser made for four years by a company named Gardner/Pacific in Benicia California. Not a GMC for sure, but a old classic with a lot going for her all the same.

This motorhome is 23’ small class A built on a Chrysler 1 ton D-350 Chassis. It is powered by a non-computer 360 cid V8. The engine is tired. I would like to exchange it with a 360 cid crate engine, also non-computerized that I have found, but don’t have the facilities to perform the swap.

From what I understand the typical way to replace the engine is by dropping the front suspension and crossmember and putting it in from the bottom.

I would also like to go through the suspension and refresh and upgrade as much as possible.

Does anyone out there know of a competent shop that really knows suspensions and could handle the engine swap also? I live in the Oakland area of California but am willing to travel to find the right expertise.

I would like to see another 30 years with this rig.