Enjoy DSS sound through your rv&#039s stereo syste

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[Jim L] Enjoy the beautiful CD quality stereo sound from your DSS satellite receiver through your rig&#039s stereo system throughout your rv.

Just purchase an Arkon "Soundfeeder" model SF 120, wireless transmitter from your local electronics store, and hook it to the audio out jacks on the rear of your satellite receiver. Then tune your stereo radio to an unused station, and bingo, beautiful stereo CD quality sound through yours rig&#039s speakers.

In order to hook it to your receiver, you need to purchase a "Y" adapter from Radio Shack, part #24-4275, $4.49. The
Soundfeeder is available at Best Buy for under $20. Other brands of wireless transmitters are on the market, but I have not found one that does as good a job, even ones costing twice as much. The Soundfeeder has a tuning dial, and this is critical when trying to receive the transmission over a radio with digital tuning. Since the digitally tuned radio cannot be "fine tuned," it is important that the transmitter be capable of fine tuning to eliminate sounding like a radio that is slightly off station.

Other uses for this device:

1. If you have a hearing deficiency, place a portable fm radio near your favorite listening position, and hear every word. Saves on the spouse&#039s nerves, and keeps your neighbors happy too.

2. Hear the sound out on the patio through the use of the portable radio. Especially good if you are enjoying one of the several music channels on the satellite.

3. At home, use the transmitter to listen to music throughout the house on any radio you choose. Use a small portable that is easy to carry from room to room, out in the garage, down in the basement, or wherever.

4. If you don&#039t have satellite service, then hook the transmitter to the audio out jacks of your tv, or vcr to play through your radio.

5. Plug the transmitter into a portable CD player, and enjoy your CD&#039s over any radio you choose to hear them on, whether in the rv, car, or at home.

Now, if they only made a device that would transmit satellite tv signals throughout the house.......hmmm.

Happy motoring...Jim L.