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Ok ,,, how much should it cost for me to have a prodigy brake controller and a reese dual cam anti sway installed?

I have a class 1V hitch reciever ... but thats it. what else do I need? and how much would you approximate their costs on all the hitch work needed for a travel trailer?


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not sure on the cost ,,, and also what size tt are u planing on pulling ,, GTS can answer this better than i can ,, and also what are u planning on pulling with ,, that is another kinda need to know thing ;) :approve: :approve: :) :) :)
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In the regards to the pull, it is a Ram 2500.. cummings diesel with a straight 6 so I think I am covered there for pretty much anything I want to pull.
As for the size of the travel trailer, I am ranging from a 24 through to a 30 footer.
Still , upon shopping for a trailer, I would like to know more about what I should be charged for these items. I have heard one RV dealer give me a price of 1100 for everything ,,, another place charging me just 750 ... Both of them saying they would be giving me the equipment of my choice which was the reese dual cam anti sway, and the prodigy brake controller.. adding in there is the ball and a power jack for the trailer. But what would those four items cost , installed.. ? considering of course that I would be purchasing a 20,000 dollar trailer from them at the same time.
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Keep in mind that NOTHING is free. They will add the cost of "your choice" items into the price of the trailer. I like to sell the trailer and then price the hitch of customers choice seperate. I call it "real money". I sell items close to cost when someone buys a trailer from me. If you are any where near VA, let me know.

I can get back to you on the price of the items you asked about, but I will quote retail.


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A 30' trailer may be a bit much for that truck. Make sure you find out the towing capacity of your truck (and keep in mind that it will be with no accessories, no cargo, no passangers, just a 150 pound driver and a bit of fuel. So you will want to derate it accordingly to what you will be carrying in the truck. Also, consider the weight of the trailer not just 'dry', but with all the stuff you are likely to have in it when you travel.
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The gross towing weight including the weight of the truck itself is 20,000 lbs.
The maximum hitch weight was said to be 850 lbs.

I figured based upon most trailers having weights up to and not much more than 8,000 lbs dry I was in good hands knowing my truck,cap, equipment and personel would only take up 8400 lbs of that 20,000.

Grandview... A retail number would be good to have ... As I may end up having it installed elsewhere if I end up buying a private sale second hand unit.



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Hey John, he's got a Dodge Cummins Diesel. He can pull a 40 foot trailer with it.

GregsBear04, the Prodigy shouldn't be over about $130. The installation is easy with the Dodge. When I bought my Dodge CTD in 03 it came with a extra wiring harness that will patch right into the Prodigy controller and if you go with the TT and your truck came with the Class IV towing package, you should be set to go. I can't help you with the Reese anti-sway as I have the 5th wheel set up.
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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I had a water heater blow over the weekend at my store and it flooded the whole place. We are going to have to replace carpet, lino, and the sub floors... Been up to my neck this week.

The Prodogy contoller currently retails for: $145.00
Wiring harness kit: $11.89
Mounting bracket: $4.69
Pocket mounting bracket: $8.49

Reese Dual Cam Sway Control Hitch currently retails for: $294.00 That is both models, one fits 4" and 5" frames the other fits 6" frames. That does NOT include the load leveling bars. If you need the whole hitch, let me know.
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Ken , I understand that nothing is for free... But assuming I would be spending anywhere from $19,000 to as much as $23,000 for a new TT is it a little off beat for the dealer to insist upon receiving an additional $1,100.00 for the hitch package above(installed)... Including the ball of course?
I mean I kind of priced the items here and there,... those numbers sounded a lot like the numbers I found.. But surely they were not installed prices. Does it cost so much more for these things to be installed?
It could be me, but this looks like I am almost being victimized of a 3x markup
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Like I said, I did not price the hitch bar, load leveling bars and ball. The Dual Cam goes on them!!!

Depending on what hitch you choose, you could add 600.00 to 850.00 for that. Retail of course.

When someone buys a trailer from me I usually sell the hitch at my cost and install for free. NOT all dealers will do that.
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Thanks Ken... I kind of thought along those lines myself. At the same time I do understand the term , nothing is for free....

At this point I have my sights on a few trailers. One of which is the Keystone Outback RLS , another is a citation with a rear living room area... and then the last that I have noticed was a later model Nash with the same basic floor plan.

The good thing about going from one dealer to another was that I found out I have absolutely no desire for a dinette table with those bench like set ups... I would much rather have a table and chairs instead.
The idea that a trailer has bunks means absolutely nothing as I have no children.
The idea that a trailer has corrugated metal siding is out of the question...

If you know of any trailer that fits that description , feel free to pass it on..

Outside of my on line search I have this weekends RV show in Edison NJ ... I am looking forward to seeing what is brought in. I am told the prices at the shows are very hard to beat...

Thanks for everything.. keep me in mind if anything pops up in my description of a suitable trailer for me . :)
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I can beat show prices all the time. You need to realize that dealers pay big bucks for the show space, they have to pay employees, they have to MOVE the units in and out, they have to be CLEAN. The have to cover those costs in each unit they sell. You will also run into high pressure there because they don't want to spend all that money and come up negative.

Let me know what you find. Look at Gulf Stream and Sunny Brook for sure.

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Listen to what GTS is telling you Greg. I have been going to shows for a long time not to buy just to just see what's new. High pressure and once in a life time buy is what you hear. No connection to GTS at all but you want find many dealers that will come on forums and offer advice free. The Nash rv is a good unit IMO and no connection there either but I would look into the Sunnybrook line.