European and american RV


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How do you think which is the difference between american and european motorhomes?
Do the people from Europe buy american rv? Which is the main american brends (manufactures) of motorhomes?
whare can I read about american market of RV. Thank you.


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Re: European and american RV

there are several differences between US and European made Motorhomes. It is difficult to generalize but US made motorhomes are (by far) not as fuel efficient, however they are more luxurious and usually self sufficient (i.E. propane generator for electrics, overhead a/c units) where as the European made models "generally" are not equipped with these (for U.S. made) standard features.
Having owned RV units on both side of the pond I would also state that the European built models are finished with more finesse, however structurally the U.S. models seems to be safer, also most class A model motorhomes wouldn't be allowed on most European roadways - they wouldn't fit ! I think the main reason Europeans purchase U.S. motorhomes is to be " the only kid on the block" . . . enjoy !


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Re: European and american RV

US built RVs are 7feet 10 inches wide or wider. Most European models are 7 feet 2 inches or narrower. This allows for the narrower streets in most European cities.