excessive oil pressure

I have placed a deposit on a 99 Winnebago with a 454 chev. I noticed the oil pressure was up to 2/3 of the gauge. My experience has been that it normally will run at half the gauge, around 40 psi. Is this normal for the 454 in a coach or are my concerns justified. I havent paid the full purchase price yet so I still have some leverage over the dealer. I don't know what would cause the oil pressure to run high. The motor has 33K mi.

C Nash

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Re: excessive oil pressure

What was the engine temp when you was reading? Doubt that the pressure is high unless there has been a high performance oil pump installed. If it is indeed high the only thing that comes to mind is the bypass in the pump is stuck. Need more info such as idle pressure.cold and hot pressure. Not a common problem of worring about HIGH pressure but no you do not want excessive pressure unless there is a bigger oil pan. If a high performance pump has been installed and OEM oil pan is still on you could pump to much oil out of the pan while running. Not good
Re: excessive oil pressure

the engine temp was normal and the pressure remained in the high range at idle and at higher rpm. I also thought that was very strange however if something needs to be done now is the time to do it. I was wondering what other peoples experience has been with that engine. Thanks for your input.


Re: excessive oil pressure

Another thing to look at ,, "is the guage actually telling the truth??? " could be an oil pressure sender giving the gauge the wrong resistance ,, or could be the guage ,, if it is an electrical guage ,, it could be either one ,,
IMO ,, if u do like the coach ,, u can have it cked out at a repair shop u trust ,, and have them do a mechanical oil pressure test ,, while they are looking it over for u ,, that will tell the true story ,, but i agree with nash ,, if it has had a high pressure OP put in it ,, u may have oil starvation problems ,, :approve: :) :)