Excursion vs Suburban

I just returned from car shopping and it really wasn't too painful. The choice I have is a 2002 Excursion V10 XLT with 3.73 axle for $360 month or the Suburban LT 2500 8.1 L with 4.1 axle for $471. Both loans are 5 year. The Mrs. won't let me get the Excursion diesel. What would you want.

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Excursion vs Suburban

The Suburban is a smooth, comfortable ride & if price were not a consideration, I'd go with it. With price considered, and if the Excursion meets your towing demands, and you think the ride is OK, I'm sure it'll be fine. The other consideration is resale value. The Suburban will probably be worth more than the Ford in 2 - 4 years, whenever you're ready to trade it in. It's got a solid "reputation".
Excursion vs Suburban

I would get the Excursion diesel. But then again I love the smell of Diesel in the morning...OOPS Sorry.

The Excursion is a fine towing and riding unit. As far as value, look up a 1 to 2 year old Excursion or Suburban in the Blue Book on line.

Without getting into a brand flame war, test drive them both, and make YOUR decission from that. I believe you will be happy with either unit. Next time you are in a campground, count who has what.


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Excursion vs Suburban

I have had both. I love my Excursion. There is more room -- its larger than the Chevy. Much more room at each row, and much more room behind the third seat. Its, very, very tall so make sure it fits in your garage. I have the V10 (not the diesel) and it pulls my 30 foot trailer at 7500 lbs unloaded just fine. I loved my Suburban, but I think the new ones are overpriced compared to the Excursion -- and I prefer the longer, taller, wider towing platform of the Ford

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Excursion vs Suburban

I have a V10 2wd Excursion I use to pull a 28 ft TT. The Excursion does an outstanding job of pulling the trailer which is about 7200 pounds loaded for an average trip. It is very stable. The problem I have with it is payload. With about 700 to 750 pounds of tongue weight and myself, my wife, 4 teenagers, a dog, cooler and misc small stuff in the vehicle.... it is right at the GVWR of 8600 pounds. The base weight of the vehicle with a full tank of gas is about 6800 pounds. So the vehicle only has 1800 pounds of payload available after that. I cannot use all of the cargo room available due to the possibility of going overweight. I have to wonder how close wohlwa is to being overweight pulling a bigger trailer than mine. The Suburban 3/4 ton models offer more payload than what the Excursion offers. I didn't find this out until after I bought the Ford. The price, which was about 8K less than a comparable Suburban 3/4T is what made me buy the Excursion. I am able to live with the weight issue. My wife and I have had to go on a diet and lose as much weight as the kids gain as they grow.