exhaust brake recommendation


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We have a 32" Sunnybrook 5th that we're pulling with a '06 GMC 3500 diesel.
I'd appreciate recommendations on exhaust brakes.

Thanks for your suggestions.

DL Rupper

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Re: exhaust brake recommendation

Do you have the Allison auto transmission? If so, check you warranty. Not sure if Duramax/Allison GM products can use the exhaust brake without voiding the warranty. I know I wouldn't tow and drive in the mountains without my Banks exhaust brake, However, manual transmissions are best suited for exhaust brake use.

Dodge will install a Jacobs exhaust brake on their manual or auto transmission at the factory, if ordered that way. So again you need to check your GM warranty.

Steve H

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RE: exhaust brake recommendation

I had one of THESEon my 99 Dodge 2500. It worked very well!

Many Duramax/Allison owners at The Diesel Place seems to favor the Pac-Brake. I opted not to install one as the transmission seems to do such a good job as is and I too heard rumblings about exhaust brakes and the Allison.


RE: exhaust brake recommendation

I have one on my truck. Can't tell you what brand it is, but I like it and for the mountains here in Idaho it works darn good. Happy camping.