exhaust brakes

I am thinkin about an exhaust brake for my '92 Dodge Cummins. Anyone usin a good one? I know of the Pacbrake,BD brake, Jake brake and the Banks. I like the idea of the BD since it brakes at a lower rpm than the others. Anyone use any of these brakes? How do you like them and who has good prices one em?

Thanks for the help
exhaust brakes

I'm currently using the jacobs (Jake) extarder on the Motor Home and am very pleased with it. Two friends are using the BD brake on pickups and claim to like it. I once read where Dodge did not approve of Exhaust Brakes on "some" Cummins applications. You might want to check this out before buying. Hate to see someone waste an engine...
exhaust brakes

After I burned out the turbo on my 7.3 2000 power stroke the Ford mechanic told me Ford does not recommend exhaust brakes on their engines because the turbo in a pickup engine is not as big as the turbo in a truck engine. He said the smaller turbo cannot dissapate the heat efficiently enough which sometimes (in my case) causes the turbo to warp. I disconnected the exhaust brake and now use the transmission to slow me on long grades. (Ford did honor the warranty and replaced the turbo)