Exhaust Leaks on Class C 460 Ford

We have a 1986 Holiday Rambler class C on a Ford E350 chassis with a 460 motor and have spent large bucks trying to fix exhaust leaks between the header and manifold on both sides. I have fixed one side twice and it is now leaking again. My inclination would be to put on aftermarket headers, but my mechanic says that they won't help, and that it is the heat from this motor that does them in. He has repaired it by leaving the gasket off, but it still seems to leak.

Does anyone have any remedy or experience in dealing with this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
Exhaust Leaks on Class C 460 Ford

Your mechanic is wrong. Unless the heads have been eroded over time because of the leaks, aftermarket headers will fix the problem. If the heads have been eroded, you'll have an expensive fix or you'll never be satisfied with manifold repairs. I had an '87 Class C with a 460, and the manifolds had to repaired several times. My '96 Class A, 460, has the Banks system installed because those manifolds also leaked.

Expensive solution, but it works. If you add up the cost each time you get stock manifolds repaired, you might think aftermarket is a good investment. You can do a search for "Banks" on this and other BBs and I doubt you will ever find a negative comment, other than cost. Thorley and Gibson also have solutions at less expense. I have no first-hand experience with them, however.

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Exhaust Leaks on Class C 460 Ford

Hi Ron,
You might have to remove the heads and have the manifold ports shaved to true the surface. Are the manifolds craking? Common problem on the ford 460 and chev 454. If so, heat is the problem and headers are the cure. I would go the header route but guess that's just the racer in me coming out :approve:
Exhaust Leaks on Class C 460 Ford

I would agree with Chelse......You can pump more money into your present system than Thorleys would cost and you still will not have fixed your system...It just doesn't pay to keep chasing this type of problem...JMHO... :)