Expedition Towing

I was hoping with all the experence out there, someone could give me some input about towing TT lenghts. I am currently towing a 21' Rockwood Roo and it really tows great. But, we are ready to upgrade into something that we don't have to dry out all the time. My question centers on how long of the TT can you tow without a "white-knuckle" experence? The wheelbase on the Expedition is 119" and it is suggested that at that wheelbase you should be 23'-25'. A lot of the floorplans that we like are between 27' - 29'. With the proper setups, can you tow 29'? I see all types and sizes of trailers on the road that vary from 21-32 feet behind 1/2 ton tow vehicles. If you go with something like an ultra-lightweight trailer, can you entend the trailer lenght?
Any experences with this. Thanks.
Expedition Towing

Hello there, I am in VA also. I once towed a 29' to the Smokey Mountains with an Expedition down I-81 to I-40. I used load leveling bars, but not a sway bar. IT WAS a "white knuckle" trip. If I had had a sway bar things probably would have been a lot better, but a short wheelbase tow vehicle and long trailer are a recipe for disaster. The weight in an ulta light would help, I think, but the wheelbase is the most important factor. My Expedition had enough power (5.8 liter engine), it just could not handle the swaying.

There are lots of trailers you can tow safely, come see what we can offer.
Expedition Towing

Hello I don't know if this helps, but I have a chev astro and I tow a kodiak expandable light weight trailer. I have weight equilizers and a anti sway bar and it does just fine. If you go bigger than your roo I would sudjest having the weight hitch and anti sway for sure.