extended rv living


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I will be purchasing a Roadtrek 190 for vacations and getaway weekends. However, it turns out that I may have to live in this for an extended period of time until housing is completed. This would include this spring, summer, fall and possibly some wintertime. I live in a suburb just out of Chicago. Has anyone had an extended stay in their RV? Would this be something I could do for a while instead of renting a motel/hotel room?


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Re: extended rv living

There are people who have lived in their RV for many years. However, the RV in question is almost always a large (>32 feet long, 8'+ wide) motorhome or trailer, designed for 'full time' living.

Can you live in your van for nearly a year? It is physically possible, but the odds of it being pleasant are not good. Particularly in Chicago in the winter (and the summer, for that matter). Also, I don't know if the Roadtrek is 'rated' for full time use; I suspect not since most people would not choose a Class B (van) for full time use. It might wear out faster than expected due to the continuous nature of the usage.

The class B is great for going from here to there over a period of days, but once you get to your destination, it is not really intended for long stays.


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Re: extended rv living

There are a couple of other problems. Where will you plan to park this Roadtrek? I think you will have a very difficult time locating any RV parks that are open in the winter in that area. In addition, how will you keep the plumbing, sewer and water connections from freezing? Then there is the brisk walk to and from the showers, assuming that there is an open RV park to stay in. Also, how will you keep it warm? One thing is sure, it will be very cozy sitting there on nasty winter days when the weather is very bad and you don't have to go to work. Yes, it is possible for some people to do that and there might even be a very few who could do so and stay reasonably satisfied. The real question is, are you one of those very rare people? There just is no way that one of us can answer that question. Do you really believe that you can live happily in a rig that small for that long, and through long periods of very bad weather?