Extended Warranty et al

I bought my mh new (stupid) but anyway I need advice from those of you that were also not so smart....wasn't that nice. Who bought extended warranties, service plans or whatever they care to call them? Has it been good? who's did you buy? Ken, I would like some good input from you. I've only owned (been making payments) since November but I'm thinking about Hollis and his $1600 water tank. Any input would be appreciated. I could pay in sassafras trees.


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Re: Extended Warranty et al

I bought a service thru my RV dealer when I bought the RV. I paid 4000 for a extended warranty that I think is 5 year. I have used it a few times and I have probably got back 1000 of what I paid. I wish I would have kept the money in savings instead and used it as needed. I would have probably come out ahead.


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Re: Extended Warranty et al

I am well satisfied with my extended warranty. I have used them 2-3 time and all been taken care of. I bought mine when I bought my MHZ, cost was out 3500-4000 like Lee. I am very happy that I did buy into the extended plan. I highly recommend it if you are buy a used MH.

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Re: Extended Warranty et al

I got $500 back on a $1200 extended warranty when the RV was new. It was included in my payments, so I was paying them interest on the warranty also. The only way they can offer the extended warranty is if they come out ahead. The probability statistics are in their favor. However, MH's are a different animal than a 5th wheel. A lot more can go wrong. I don't buy the extended warranty on my tow vehicles either.
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With my plan if I don't use it I can get a 100% refund after 5 years. So far I haven't had to use it. It is also transferable. That could be a selling point if I decide to sell. As far as I'm concerned it's worth the peace of mind.



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Re: Extended Warranty et al

An "extended warranty" is really a health insurance policy on the RV. Like all insurance policies, it does not save money for most buyers because they must take in more money than the pay out in order to pay the staff and to show a profit. They work exactly the same as any human health plan. The purpose of any insurance policy is not to save money, but to spread the risk among a large group of people. Only those who have the worst of service problems will save any money, but the purpose is to protect the buyer from the unknown risk of a major repair cost.

For a better explanation of such programs, just visit this site and read what was published by Escapees Magazine, several years ago.

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Like the others, I bought my MHW w/I bought the coach. It is a 5-yr/60k mile warranty. Have used it PLENTY!!! I have a $200 deductible....but have more than collected the $2000 it cost. Mine is w/Assurant, but I don't think they sell it anymore. I have used CSP in the past....not happy with that. I recently joined Coach-Net Emergency Road Service. It is not so much a warranty as emergency care. I have not had to use them yet, but their reviews are quite good.
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Getting ready to make a trip north to PA to see the grand daughter. BUT... the a/c started blowing cool not cold.

Called RV DR, a local come to you a/c service, cause they take CSP. Long story short, it is dying. Not totally dead yet.

With temps here in Fla at 91 today the inside of the coach was 80 with the a/c running full blast.(Honey's chocolate's are getting soft & melty)

The mobile service call was $125. WE opted for the mobile service call because their shop is appox 30-35 miles each way from us & diesel being $4.49, plus breakdown coach from house, time driving there & back.

CSP deductible is $100. They have to order a new sealed unit in from Kansas, Because it is a sealed unit it cannot be recharged with freon. Will be here end of next week & take about 4hrs to install. & CSP is paying for it. Approx $3300 for a/c unit & labor.

If you have any RV, especially used you need some kind of security assurance because warrantees are not always that good.

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