Extended warranty

Trying to find out if anyone has purchased a one year service warranty with a company named Western General and how much they where charged for the one year warranty. Having paper work problems with the dealership I bought our coach from and want to see what a one year warranty actualy costs.

C Nash

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Extended warranty

bcn1098, they probably don't want you to know what the extended warrenty cost! Be sure and read the fine print as to what they will cover. What kind of unit did you buy, new or used? As you can probably tell I am not to fond of the extended warrenties. Put the money in the bank.
Extended warranty

I bought a used 1998 Tradewinds, the coach is fine but the thing is my original contract shows I paid for a three year/36 thousand mile warranty but the warranty contract with the warranty company shows 1yr/12 thousand miles. Contacted the dealer and they said the original contract is no good and the one I have with the warranty company is the good one. I was charged the same amount for both warranties ? Asked the warranty company how much the warranty cost and they replied what ever the dealer charged you!!!