EXternal Lights on Class C


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On a recent return trip from Branson I was contacted by a trucker that all of my clearance lights and tail lights were off. I did have head lights and front clearance lights but was concerned about the back lights. Come to find out that a huge fuse was blown in the Ford drivetrain that protects the headlights and front clearance from a dead short in the coach. Problem was that there were no lights on the back. A trucker came up with the idea of turning the parking lights of the Toad to get back home..worked beautifully. Any ideas on what may cause such a monumental dead short in the system???

C Nash

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EXternal Lights on Class C

Joe, You said that the fuse that protected the headlights was blown but, you still had headlights. What size fuse was it? If it is the fuse to protect the rear lights you might check under the coach and see if any of the wires are on the exhaust system. Do you have your toad wired for lights stop, turn etc. If so you may have a short in the connector. Doesn't take much, a pinched wire touching metal or melted insulation will blow the fuse. Have you had any work done lately? If so, look in the area the work was performed. Could be any one of the running lights has a short. They can be hard to find if you are not familiar with hunting shorts. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash