Extreme cold conditions


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Need a full time coach to go to extreme cold in MN, ID, or Alaska to get work. Coach House Tribute vs. Winnebago Destiny. Cancer victim so this will be our only time to purchase. We cannot make a mistake. Must be able to keep warm. :(


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Re: Extreme cold conditions

It will take a great deal of hard work to make either of these livable in such weather. You will need some kind of skirting to keep the wind out from under the RV. You must have dual pane glass in all windows. You need to check the R value of all walls, floor and roof. You will have great problems with moisture so should have a dehumidifier. You will use a tremendous amount of propane to heat the RV and so you must have an external connection to allow you to use one of the large bottles which can be rented in most areas. A 100# bottle will probably last no more than a week in extreme cold. This will be a very difficult thing in any RV.