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Hiya guys,

I'm planning on going to pick up my new (used) 2000 Fleetwood 11X truck camper here soon, And, being a newbie at this, I would like to get some advice as to what to look for on an RV inspection.

Do you know of a good website on the subject?

I was wondering how do you test the air conditioner if it's not hot out?

What about the fridge, Will it work in all the modes (propane, 12v, etc.) if it works in one? And how do you tell short of placing a thrmometer in it and waiting till it changes?

Any particularly troublesome spots on a Fleetwood 11X (or any RV)?

If I see any interior water spots, or damage, should I call it quits right there?

How do you go about inspecting the toilet and hoding tank?

Water heater, any thing to look for other than hot water?

It has a rubber roof. Any suggestions on what to look for?

Any way to get the smoke smell out?

Anything special on the furnace? Stove? Oven? Propane system in general?

Thanks for your help guys. I am excited about picking it up although it probally won't be for several weeks yet!


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The web site (this one) is the best I have found for asking questions and getting straight forward helpful answers from fellow (and ladies) rver's.
most of what your described in your note should be checked out before you go on your first trip. You can check the refigerator on all three (lp, ac or dc) (IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOUR MH IS LEVEL MOSTLY BETWEEN THE LINES ON A LEVEL). Put a hanging thermometer to make sure your getting down to between 32-40 degrees (that is what I look for). check to make sure you don't have any gas leaks (soapy water type check on all fittings). If you have a lp gas detector and your should, make sure it is working. check your smoke detector and/or combo unit to make sure they work. You can also check stove, oven to make sure they light....it might take a minute to light (have to wait until the lines fill with LP). Hot water tank (make sure it is full of water before turning on) same thing. It make have a temp control or a factory setting for temp. If you have water marks, you need to find out from where is the water coming from and seal it. the biggest thing in MHing is water damage from leaks...get them fixed. Furnace should be checked also just like other LP systems, if you have a thermostat you should be able to make sure it is putting out heat....don't forget, you have to wait a little bit before the blower will come on (like at home).
The A/C unit can be checked also if you crank it up to max cool.
If you start working on it, and need to ask more questions....post them and I'm sure someone will answer.... :) :)
Good Luck and enjoy.....remember, safety, safety, safety.