F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

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I am thinking about stepping up from a pop-up to a full size. I am curious about how bad my MPG wll drop. Curently I tow with a 2002 F150 SC 5.4 towing package. I pull about 3200# pop-up loaded. I get about 14 MPG at 60 MPH. Can anyone with a simular truck tell me what to expect when I switch to a full size? I am shopping for something about 28 feet in the 5000# or less range. I have also been looking at Hi-Lo.

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F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

I'm not sure you will be able to find many 28' trailers which only weigh 5000#, and that is approaching the upper limit that you will want to tow with that truck. In any case, the wind resistance of a full size trailer may have as much or even more impact on gas mileage than the weight. A Hi-Lo may reduce the wind resistance factor, and possibly weight as well.
F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

How many miles a year do you tow and will the increased fuel cost really upset the budget? If your fuel economy drops 20% and you burn 500 gal/year towing you are only going to cough up for another 100 gallons or so of gas. Is the additional $150 expense enough to affect your decision to purchase? If you are a full timer then obviously the numbers are more important.
F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

Dave: I have a F-150 SC with factory tow pkg. and the 4.6 and a 20' Sunline which I estimate is about 4100-4200 fully loaded. My mileage varies with the terrain and wind conditions but generally averages 10.5 mpg.
F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

Hi Dave, We have a '99 F150 5.4 supercab 2 wheel drive pulling a '98 Kit Sportmaster 26' 5th wheel. The truck and trailer have a combined weight of 12,000 lbs, plus or minus depending on what gear we're carrying. We get between 9.5 and 12mpg (hills, wind, speed count for the spread) with a best guess average of 10.5-11 mpg. We are comfortable with the ride, the power, and the stopping ability of the combination.

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F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

I have a 1999 F-150, 5.4, auto, 3.55. I tow a 1994 Skamper 262T, it's about 26' 11". I average around 9 to 9.5 MPG while towing that trailer.


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F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

had a 99 ford f-150 with 5.4 s.c. 4x4 towing a 27; sunline tt. only got abou 6 mpg towing. the trailer weighed about 6,500 lbs. hated the truck bought a diesel, now the little lady went out a bought a fifth wheel. geez, i wished i kept that pop-up.
F150 V8 towing gas mileage?

Hey I have a 2001 toyota tundra with a 4.7 liter v8 and we tow a 29' Prowler Lynx this is in prowlers ultralight line. We average about 8mpg at 65-70 mph. As I leave the yard it weighs about 5100 lbs. I will tell you we are very happy with this trailer. I'm sure your f150 would have no problem with it at all