F250 or F350? Double rear-wheels or single?


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I am new on that forum and we intend to buy a 30 or 32 or possibly 34 feets fifthwheel.

We also have to buy a truck to tow it. We have heard that it in many countries it is obligatory to have a double rear-wheels when you tow a big fifthwheel. Is it true??? If not, how can I be sure that it is really not necessary because I do not want to buy a truck that does not allow me to go everywhere.

If we talk about single rear-wheels, what is the best F250 or F350. Diesel or gaz? Is it more dangerous for jackknife with single RW. I know that both have the power to tow the kind of fifthwheel I want but does it just support it easily. Will the back of the truck be weighted down with just a F-250 SRW?

Also, is it better to take a 6.5 feets or 8 feets box?

Thanks a lot!

Gary B

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F250 or F350? Double rear-wheels or single?

Sunrise, there are no laws in the US (that I know of) saying you must have dualls, I prefer a dually (DRW) because it has more stability, they can handle larger box / pin weights, likewise I prefer the long / 8 foot box as it is easier to locate the 5th wheel hitch, you have room for a toolbox and other stuuf you may want to carry, neither are necesssary, as long as you don't go over the load limits of the truck. If you go with the 32 foot 5er's you will be happier with the F-350 and if its the 34 footer problay the DRW model. No I don't think there is any more danger of a jackknife with a SRW. If your budget will allow buy the diesel if not the V10 is an excellent engine, I prefer gas engines, as I can't justify the exter $5000 to 6000 dollars for the diesel and I have had no troubles going anywhere I've wanted with my 460 CID V8 gas. In the real world a diesel will get you about 4 mpg better in all modes, maintenance is the same, as is the life of both engines, if both are properly maintained. I have had 3 diesels and can tell from experience that diesels are not cheaper to operate, don't last any longer than big block gas engines, and after 4 years old and with more than 100000 miles on them have no more resale value then a gas, but they do get better mieage and have more power. Good luck. :) :cool: :approve: :bleh: