F450 with 29,000 GCWR

I know this has been answered many times in many different ways. But to tell you the truth it is still very confusing. I have not actually purchased anything yet but below is what I am looking at getting. Can someone tell me how to evaluate these numbers and if this seems to be a good fit.

F450 DRW 4.3 Axle ratio
GCWR: 29,000
Payload: 5700 (Still cant figure what this includes and doesn't so can figure max pin weight)
Maximum Loaded 5th Wheel Trailer: 20,100

5th Wheeler
Heartland Landmark
Dry Pin Weight: 2150
Dry Weight: 12500
Max Loaded Weigh: 16,100

Money wasn't a major factor in determining what I wanted for a TV. I just wanted to make sure I can use it for running around in also since I will become a Fulltimer when I purchase later this summer. I would prefer a F3500 SRW but am worried it couldn't safely support this trailer. The 3500 SRW is on rated at 15,400 thus I would be under sized from the get go and if I am going Dually I figured I would go all out in case I wanted to replace the Heartland later on for something else.

My main concern is being safe on the road and having the stopping power when I need it.
Re: F450 with 29,000 GCWR

Well, I can tell you that my 3500 SRW GMC is rated to tow a 16,600lb 5th wheel, and I am towing a trailer that weights 12,880 (just weighed it).

I also know a man who just bought a 4 slide 34' Heartland and is towing it with a 2500HD Chev. I don't know the weight on his trailer.

You might want to reconsider trucks if you want something comfortable to drive around in. Both trucks above are with the Duramax/Allison set up.

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Re: F450 with 29,000 GCWR

The man towing the 34 foot 4 slide Heartland is definately on the risky side . Risky for all of the rest of us on the road. Personally I would gp with the bigger truck. You will probably give up a gallon or two in milage, unless the F350 has the same 4.3 axel ratio. Does the F450 come with an air ride option? If so that's the way I would go. Just my opinion. :laugh:
Re: F450 with 29,000 GCWR

Guess I should have said that it is a 2008 Chev. Sits level, rides good and he has no problems towing with it. He is in GM's guidelines with what the truck is rated to tow.

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Re: F450 with 29,000 GCWR

I guess the diesel manufacturer's keep adding lbs to their tow capacity. I just find it hard to believe the higher and higher tow ratings the big 3 keep increasing on their products. My "03" 2500 is only good for approximately 12 K lbs. I can tow 12 K only because I have a fairly light 4x2 reg cab.
RE: F450 with 29,000 GCWR

The landmark is 38 1/2 feet with three slides. i think I will just stick with the F450. Expecially if Desiels last as long as I read they do it will last me into my second if not thrid 5th wheeler in the future. I am paying cash for it becuase i dont want any payments on anything I own. Therefor this truck should support anything I need in the future and I wont really have to concern myself too much with my TV on those either.