F53 Ford Chasis Suspension


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Just purchased a class A with a Ford Chasis. The MH seems to wander and reequires alot of steering. Does not track very well on roads that are not in super condition. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, any advice.

Thanks. Fred

C Nash

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F53 Ford Chasis Suspension

Hi Fred,
This has been a problem with the F53 chassis :( . Is this your first A class M/H? If so, drive it awhile to get confortable with how it handles. Remember it is a truck and will ride rougher and sway more that a smaller unit. I do have steer safe on mine, 2002 33ft Vacationer with two slides and it seems to help :laugh: . No problems with passing trucks or constant steering correction. I wanted this option not so much for wander but safety in case of front tire blow out. I see where a lot of owners have added the Davis true-track system and aftermarket shocks and report great results. Ours does seem to have a very harsh ride and may try shocks at a later date but for now will just enjoy :approve: .
Keep us posted.


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F53 Ford Chasis Suspension


You didn't say what year, make, model, etc. From info gathered here and at other locations, it appears that '99 and later F53 chassis are experiencing ride and handling issues, and I've seen a lot of posts about how to minimize those problems. I have a '97 chassis, and can tell you it handles great (with a tag axle), and rides OK. I have weighed it and adjust tire pressures accordingly (it definitely does not need the max 80lbs).