Failure of Blue Ox Base Plate

Andrew Longo

Junior Member
In June of this year, we experienced the failure of our Blue Ox base plate. It was installed, a new one, in May of 2013. Our vehicle was kept behind our rig via the safety cables. I spoke to the original installers, and they had a person from Blue Ox contact me. He listened to the account, and sent out a new base plate. He told me to keep all of my receipts, and that I should return them with the damages base plate. The Subaru cost $1800 for the repair. I paid the deductible for my insurance policy. There was the expense of the new installation. I returned the failed base plate, and was contacted by another individual at Blue Ox. She informed me that the base plate must have come loose, and this caused the failure. Moreover, our base plate was the only failure that had ever occurred. Thus, there would be no reimbursement for expenses. They offer, and I accepted the receipt of a new tow bar, because they would not be "responsible' for any further damage due to its failure. We have previously towed a Saturn for seven years with no problem using a Blue Ox base plate.
I have read on, that some people have been reimbursed, or claim such. Blue Ox did pay the freight via Fed Ex for our base plate. Others, had to pay the shipping cost.
Has anyone an experience relative to reimbursements from Blue Ox?


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Just how did the base plate fail? Did the plate itself break or did the bolt up come loose or bolts break?