Fear Of Corrosion!

Hi folks. I need any help I can get here.

I am forced to store my motorhome at a storage facility next to a marina in Ventura, California. I have begun to read all kinds of horror stories about the corrosion caused by ocean air. Is there anything that I can do, short of moving to another facility (almost impossible to find in my neck of the woods), to help slow or prevent the inevitable corrosion. While we do take our rig out almost every weekend, it still "lives" by the ocean.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thank you.

Fear Of Corrosion!

Make sure you clean the outside regularly and polish with a good wax. Spray the rubber seals around your slide-outs with silicone non-petroleum based. Grease the slide out mechanisms and any other fittings with a good quality lubricant. Also, cover the tires. On the inside, there are good reasonably inexpensive dehumidifiers that you can leave in the unit to keep moisture out. I also leave my cupboard doors open so that the moisture doesn't accumulate inside. And you can put dryer fabric softener sheets, like Bounce in the drawers and closets too. These will help keep mice out of them. Mice don't seem to like the smell.

But the main thing is to keep metal parts covered with a thin coating of a lubricant like CRC. We used it in the Navy to protect the aluminum coffins that we put bombs in for shipping. Worked really well. Just don't get it on the exhaust system when it is hot.

And clean the rubber roof, if equipped, with Murphy's Oil Soap at least twice a year. It removes dirt and grime and helps keep the rubber roof pliable.

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Fear Of Corrosion!

Thank you very much Ron.
I will do the above, however could you tell me what CRC is please.
Thanks again, your information is invaluable to an oceanside newbie!
Fear Of Corrosion!

CRC is a brand name and I think it stands for Corrosion and Rust Control. You can buy it at auto parts stores in aerasol cans or by the gallon to put in a pump sprayer. It forms a thin film of oil on the metal and resist moisture. It is flammable though. But you can read the information on the can. You might also do a Google search and just type in CRC and see what comes up.

Have you checked out buying a cover for your motorhome? There are some pretty nice ones out there that would help protect it from the elements.

Have a nice day.

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Fear Of Corrosion!

Scott, if you buy a cover, make sure you get a quality one that ties down good (especially if your near the coast, wind). If they do not fit correctly and move a lot in the wind, they will rub the paint right off the siding or whatever they are touching.
I'd put moisture stuff inside also (they sell it for boats and it does work). ;)
Fear Of Corrosion!

Just bought a cover from camping world. Thank you for the wind tip archer, I never thought of that! Going to go put the cover on this weekend (our rig is stored about 40 miles from our home) and I will make extra sure it is tied down properly. I will also look into the CRC situation. Thanks again guys for the tips. The are greatly appreciated.