fiberglass breakdown

Bob Egan

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I noticed on the sides of our 2000 Journey a multitude of small multidirectional hairline cracks in the fiberglass sides varying in length with some as long as 5-6 inches. They have the appearance of thin scratches and go way beyond the occasional stress cracks seen on many coaches. Although I've found them on both sides of the coach they appear particularly concentrated in areas where water drains down the coach sides. I've been told that this is fiberglass breakdown and have submitted pics to Winnebago. They are presently mulling the problem over and are discussing it with the fiberglass manufacturer. Anyone with similar problem or otherwise aware of problem?

C Nash

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fiberglass breakdown

Bob, I have what they call spider web cracks in my HR Vacationer which they say is normal as long as they are I forget the depth they gave as normal. I took pictures so if they ever give any trouble. I think they are stress cracks in the coating. let me know what Winnebago comes up with.


fiberglass breakdown

These are stress cracks in the gel coat caused from vibration. Gel coats are very brittle. If you will notice boats do not have these type cracks because the layed up material is a lot thicker and not subject to vibrations.

There are some newer gel coats on the market that have the ability to take flex and vibrations but evidently all coach manufacturers don't want to change what they have been doing over the years.