Fiberglass delamination/Parts

Hi all we are looking to buy a old 1989 Monaco Crown Royal.
One side of the coach body is flawless and smooth however the passenger side has a slightly bumpy and rippled look, not bubbles in my opinion but may be the first signs on the way there?
Where the aluminum strip covers the joint between top and bottom panels one end of the strip is pulled out. Are these known for woodrot?
If it does delaminate, what to do then?
Is this plywood in behind the fiberglass?

Who sells parts for these campers new or used I need to buy replacement interior parts, vents, oven, side door etc.
Can any one guide me?
Re: Fiberglass delamination/Parts

I can tell you that the "bumpy and rippled" is delamination. I expect that side has been sitting with the sun against it a lot.

Yes, there is wood under fiberglass. The rippled look is where the glue between the fiberglass and wood is releasing. That is what the Suns' heating has done.

If there is a small area, it can be ground out, refilled with fiberglass, smoothed and repainted. If you are talking about the whole side, there is no easy fix. Whole sides of trailer have been replaced, but very expensive and not really realistic on a 1989.

On generic parts, most any dealer can help you with them.
Re: Fiberglass delamination/Parts

Hi Once again,
If I was to remove these panels however hard that might be [ by grinding or chipping ]
Is this sheeting available to purchase?
Where could I purchase?

Thanks Greg
Re: Fiberglass delamination/Parts

Greg, in my opinion as far as the severity of the repairs needed, it is time to pass this RV on to the next looker.
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I agree with Tex on this one. You cant just remove panels and replace. The WHOLE wall has to be replaced. NOT easy for a factory to do, almost impossible for an individual.

Unless this trailer is being given to you, it is not worth the money. I have 2009 trailers coming in now, you are talking about a 20 year old trailer.


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Re: Fiberglass delamination/Parts

No one sells body parts for a 1989 Monaco. If you doubt that, contact the company.

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