Fiberglass roofs

I am contemplating trading up from 5th wheel to MH and am interested in a used MH with a fiberglass roof. My unit has rubber roof and am not familiar with fiberglass. Are there any concerns to look for during inspection?
Fiberglass roofs

Just check for any cracks or blemishes, anywhere where water could find its way into the roof. Make sure all seams have beened sealed as anual maintenance. Good luck in the transition!
Fiberglass roofs

:) shag01 1999,I have a fiberglas roof on my motorhome,it's much easier to maintain,will last a long time,and gives you peace of mind,if there is low branches when your pulling into your camping site,my roof is seamless on top the seams is where the roof wraps over the sides,I polish mine with Mequires Gold car wax,it's as clean and shinny as the day I brought it home. :)