Fifth Wheel for 2500HD

I am looking for a fifth wheel in the 25'- 27' range
I will be towing with a Chev 2500HD, C/C, 4x4 Duramax/Allison
and would be interested to see what others are towing with the same vehicle
I have looked at a few units and we recently saw a Palomino Puma 275RLSS that we really liked the layout of with the two rockers in the back and a sofa-bed and dinette in the slide

Any comments or sugestions would be welcome

Fifth Wheel for 2500HD

GM rates your truck to tow over 15,000lb. with a fifth wheel. You can tow what you like in the size range you are talking about. Long distance, I have only towed about 12,000lb. with mine, and it did great.
Re: Fifth Wheel for 2500HD

When I retired from GM my dream was to own a new Duramax diesel and trade in my Holiday Rambler 32ft for a new fifth wheel. Unfortunately my wife didn't share that dream and we wound up with a Southwind motorhome on a Workhorse chassis. I started checking out RV USA about 3 years ago and have received some really helpful tips that have made my RV'ing experience more enjoyable. But I have to say, in my own humble opinion, that if I had been able to realize my dream, and was in the market for a new fifth wheel, I would have to get in my truck and drive to Bedford, Virginia to visit Grandview Trailer Sales. In all the postings I have ever read on this website, Grandview is the only dealer that I have ever seen offering advice. And they don't say, "Come to Grandview and we will fix your problem!" They offer advice to anyone and everyone with no advertising on their part at all.

Guess I just wish I could do business with Grandview Trailer Sales. And if I am ever in Bedford, VA I am going to stop in and say, Hi! (This is not a solicited endorsement) :) ;)
Re: Fifth Wheel for 2500HD

i have a 2006 chev 2500HD DURAMAX/Allison CC 4x4. pull a 33ft cardinal, no problem. pulled thru the mountians of PA with no problem.