fifth wheel for full time use

My wife and I bought a 28' Jayco fifth wheel for our honeymoon. Now 2 years later we are looking for a fifth wheel for full-time use because we love to travel so much. The Jayco is good for a weekender but not full-time use. I have heard Cedar Creeks are one the best made units on the market. We have looked at a few and they are very spacious. The big sky montanas is another one we have looked at. I would just like to hear from someone besides a salesman on this matter.
fifth wheel for full time use

It's not the name of the RV that counts,,, it's the name of the dealer...

If the dealer has a good name and reputation for taking care of it's customers then you have found the right RV to buy.

I have owned several "brands" of RVs and had good luck with all of them.
Fleetwood, Pace Arrow, Prairie Schooner, Ideal, etc:::

If you buy a bag of apples and find one apple rotten, are you going to throw the entire bag of apples away and bad mouth the person who owns the orchard ?

Fleetwood is as good as any brand on the market, no better, no worse,, but just as good. I have owned a couple of Fleetwoods and loved them both, never had a moments problem with either.. and I am a full timer as in 24/7/365 currently living in my '95 Prowler 5th wheel made by Fleetwood..

The current weather is definately winter time with temps down in the single digits a couple of times already and the daytime temps down if the 30's...
No problems of any sort,,, no freeze-ups, no cold drafts, total propane use is less than $2 per day for heating, cooking and water heater.
I do not use space heaters of any type and my trailer stays snug and warm..

So pick out the trailer you want and forget about the brand name on the

fifth wheel for full time use

Thank you for your two cents John. :) Our lease on our apartments runs out in May so we have a few months to research and decide. We looked at a prowler and they are nice. God bless.


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fifth wheel for full time use

Make sure whatever trailer you choose is 'rated' for full time use. Some say if you live in them more than x months per year, the warrentee is void...
fifth wheel for full time use

When my husband and I were looking at fifth-wheels, we also were concerned about the warranty. We purchased a 2004 Newmar, about their warranty, they wrote: rv's are not meant to be lived in, but it will not affect your warranty. The warranty we have is for three years, and so far they have gone above and beyond with answering all of our questions. Might be one to look at. Good luck and welcome to the great life.
fifth wheel for full time use


You have a great quality product in a Jayco. I am on my third one and as a company you will not find a better manufacturer for dollar value. They offer different levels of fifthwheels. The Designer and Legacy are the ones that fit your needs. Take a look at em' you will not go wrong with the company!! Of three I have owned I have never taken them in for service. Knock on wood!! I love my Jayco. May GOD bless you! :laugh:
fifth wheel for full time use

Like Iris, I have a Newmar fifth wheel. They come with an automatic three year warranty which I think is the longest in the industry. For another thousand dollars, I extended my warranty for another four years for a total of seven years. I sleep better at night knowing that I will not have a major expenditure for that period of time.

I would advise like anything else, you get what you pay for. All of the different RV manufacturers have different priced lines of their product. I would pick the higher level from who ever you buy from with fiberglass exterior, one piece roof, solid wood cabinets, well-built frame, good insulation, etc. YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR IN RV QUALITY!

Good luck.
fifth wheel for full time use

There was a message that suggested that there was not a difference in Camper Brands. There are substantial building caracteristics that make certain Brand Campers superior to others. For example in the chassis you can have many variations such as structured steel, I-Beam 4" to 10", and Boxed Tube. Boxed tube being the best. In sidewall construction you can have caged, vaccum bonded, and pinched rolled. Pinced rolled being the WORSE on these. You can have huge differences in cabintry. Such as MDF(compressed sawdust), particleboard(chips of wood), and real wood. Real wood screwed together being the best. Also flooring. There is plywood and OSB. I think plywood is better. There is a lot of difference in Brands and you can get junk if you are not careful. Be smart and shop wisely. You always get what you pay for!!!! As I have stated before in my opinion Jayco gives you more quality for your money out there.

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fifth wheel for full time use

Hi skizer,
Most of the time quality is reflected with higger price but, not always. I think light weights trade some quality for weight but some are excellent entry level units. I would say the cedar creek and montanas are somewhere in the middle but, nither recommend fulltiming in them. I thin both are caged aluminum which I like. Some are welded and others bolted with arguments for both. Sunnybrook also makes units that compare to these. I have had good luck with Holiday Rambler units. Airstream used to make great rvs but think the quality has dropped some on new JMO. Go to several shows and smoke them over and visit campgrounds and see what seasoned fulltimers are using. You will probably find them in everything from tents to MH. Go with what the budget will allow and have fun


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fifth wheel for full time use

all fifth wheels are not made the same. for my money i would purchase a carriage product, the cameos are nice and are full-time rated when you get the astro-foil insulation package. they carry a 2-5 warranty, 2 years bumbper tp bumper and 5 years structial.the cedar creeks, sunnybrooks, hr, and the montanas are also very nice but are a little cheaper in price and are not full-time rated. the jaycos are also very nice but i would stay away from fleetwood, nice units but not made for full-time use. also if you live in the east, two other brands are ameri-camper and sunline. i had a sunline tt and never had one problem with it,great camper ,just could not afford their fiftt wheels. do your research carefully as this is a major purchase,good luck and happy camping.
fifth wheel for full time use

Here are the manufacturers I would consider for full time:
New Horizons, Travel Supreme, Newmar, Teton, Excel, Mobile Suites, King of the Road. The Cedar Creek is not considered a full time unit and is balanced badly and not so good reliability.