Fifth Wheel Hitch/ Electrical problems?


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Looking to buy a fifth wheel hitch assembly for a F-350 1 ton Super Duty long bed. Camper will possibly be a Cardinal 29' approximately 12000 lbs. What will work and what is the best hitch out there.

Also this used camper we are looking at had an electircal surge of 220 that blew the converter which was replaced and the battery?? Could there be other electrical damage? Hyd slides and the unit has a 4000 kw Onan.


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Fifth Wheel Hitch/ Electrical problems?

With a long bed, any brand name non-sliding hitch will work. I'd suggest getting one with an 'under the bed' mount. This comes out completely, leaving no bars/brackets in your bed when using it for other purposes. Probably much more liner friendly as well. The best one? If I was in the market for a hitch, I'd look first at the PullRite non-slider. They claim to be made to closer tolerances than the others, which should minimize the 'startup clunk' common with many hitches. A hitch which rocks from side to side as well fore and aft should make it easier to hook up if trailer and truck are not at the same angle.

Anything which expects 110 and gets 220 is at risk. Refridgerator and AC might be the hardest to evaluate; most other things will either work or not work. Worse, if the batteries were affected, I'd have some concerns about the 12v system as well. I'd insist on a complete electrical warrenty of at least 1 year before buying that trailer.