Fifth wheel landing gear height


I read somewhere a while back about levels you can buy that stick to the side of your fifth wheel (and I guess TT) that tells you the height the unit has to be to hook up to your tow veh. These were a bubble level with a thing that you moved to the bubble so that when you went to hook up the camper to the truck you have the right height for the hitch to the truck after moveing it the night before to level your unit. Well I tried to get one of those levels before I left on our last trip. Of course I couldn't so I figured another way. When your pin just comes off your hitch take a piece of masking tape and mark the landing gear leg to the fixed part of the gear. Drive your truck out from the camper and level it. I use a spirit level about 6". Now when your ready to hook up again raise or lower your landing gear to the masking tape and your at the proper height for the hitch. This saves a lot of in and out of the truck to get the height right.

Hope this little trick helps


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Fifth wheel landing gear height

I just mark the middle of the bubble w/a magic marker. Unhook and level. A day or two or week later I lower the landing legs to where my mark is in the middle of the bubble, wipe the mark off so the glass is clean for the next time, hook and drive off.


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Fifth wheel landing gear height

Camping World has those 'memory' levels. I got one, but haven't installed it yet. So far, I use a tape measure from the bottom of the bed to the underside of the pin box.