Fifth Wheel leaks underneath

I have a 2006 Fifth wheel that leaks only when it rains. it is leaking underneath my carpet. the walls are fine and so is the ceiling. I can not find the leak. it is in the living room only and where my entertainment cabinets are. right side only. seems to come out from the floor? please help.:(


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from what you have described that it only leaks when it rain, is telling me it leaking from the top down. I bet the are stains behind the wall somewhere and you have not found it yet. I would reseal everything on the roof especially where the roof meets the sides of the 5er. But I am only guessing as I am no expert. Good luck of the finding
Is it near one of the windows? Might be going in somewhere around a window frame and running down the inside of the wall to the floor where it manifests itself.
I would like to know if you have aluminum framing or wood...who made your trailer? IF it is aluminum framing you have a roof leak and it is running down the wall INSIDE the framing and you are seeing it as it comes out the inside. I hope you have resealed your roof!!! By that I don't mean coat the whole roof...just reseal where it is leaking with SELF LEVELING sealant. Check the rest of the roof while your up there.....