After wanting an RV for years I purchased a used Winnebago Warrior from a family member.

It is a 1991 454 and only has 29000 miles everything works but it did not have the literature such as owner/operaters manuals.

Does any one know if reprints are available?

Man I'm excited taking my first trip in March and I've been going over the tips and tricks for hours. :laugh: :laugh:


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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For appliances, ya gotta go to the individual web sites for owner's manuals. Winnebago site is just great, but ya gotta ask them for what PDF files you need/want. They will send them to you via net. My ole 89 .... they sent me water and electric diagrams.
Good luck.....stay excited.... ;)
Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guy's Looks like they are available didn't get a chance to check today had some family obligations to deal with but I'll check tomorrow
Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my manual Thanks Clod after reading for a few days,took it out for a spin even with flat spots on the tires I was suprised at how smooth it rode .
Getting new tires next week and doing a complete service,and tune up.
Pulled the trailer and race car easily kicked it down manually in the mtns. and kept the revs up no overheating problem at all.
The winnebago has an external oil cooler outside the radiater with a temp control fan,do you think that is suffecient as far as trans cooling(4l80e)the trailer weighs 3500-4000 lbs. loaded. :) :)