Find a fuse

I have a 1998 32' Bounder and had to replace a rocker switch for the water tank level. After hooking up the new switch and testing I did a boo boo and touched the wires a it sparked. The hole panal is now dead. I am sure that I poped a fuse but can not find one for the tank level system. I checked the fuses under the dash, under the front grill and the 12 volt by the AC brakers over the table. Where else could that little fuse be?
Re: Find a fuse

Boy I hope you blew a fuse too. IF you arked at the board though I doubt it. Those thing are so sensitive to power flow. I burned out a new one I was installing when a stray wire just brushed it and arked.
RE: Find a fuse

Thank you all for your help. It was not a fuse. The power run across the back of the board burned off. After checking the board I found that nothing came off the power run so I put in a jumper wire from one side to the other for the board and things are working again. When I have time a may get the board repaired or try and fine a new one.