FireFox update notes

John Harrelson

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Got my ZDnet newsletter and this article was in it.. Thought I would post it for those of you who are thinking about or already have the FireFox OS

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The Mozilla Foundation released an update to the Firefox Web browser to fix several vulnerabilities, including one that would allow domain spoofing. This caused a debate in ZDNet TalkBack over who should be held responsible. Frequent contributor Anton Philidor claims, "If the browser had no holes, the user will be asked to punch out an opening. And the user will comply by happily clicking something. User flaws cannot be recoded." Member ABB claims, "Blaming MS for hacker attacks is no different from blaming Smith & Wesson when someone gets murdered. It isn't the gun, it's the shooter."

Are we too quick to lay responsibility on developers? Post your thoughts in TalkBack.