First fifth Wheel

HI, I currenty have a p.o.s 1967 19' fan TT, that I've been using and am gettin tired of it being so small bc my whole family can't go campin in it comfortably, me and my sister her friend and both my parents. So i've been lookin around and I found a 1996 32' Cari-Lite RK with a rear kitchen and a Jumbo slide, pretty cheap and is in great shape. Has any one ever owned a fifth wheel like this and if so how is the quality? Also With an extended pin box could I pull this unit with a goosneck adapter with out hittin my cab, I will be useing a short bed extended cab superduty, Or do i need a extended pin box and a slider? thanks for reading this and any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciatted. thanks again.


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First fifth Wheel

A 32' trailer will probably be much heavier than a 19' trailer :) . What weight truck do you have? 1/2 ton will probably not be up to the task, 3/4 ton maybe and 1 ton probably.

Also, it seems like short wheelbase trucks have trouble pulling long trailers. With the extended cab, your wheelbase may be long enough, or may not be. In any case, you will almost certainly need either an extended pin box, a sliding hitch, or both, to keep your trailer and truck from 'kissing'.

Those gooseneck adapters are generally not a good idea. There is a LOT of torque applied at both ends of the adapter. I might use it to go from one side of a property to another, or even one side of a city to another if I could keep the speed way down, but getting on the freeway with one? I shudder to even think of it...
First fifth Wheel

I have a '99 f250 4x4 psd superduty, ex-cab short bed, I'm not worried about the length of the trailer, i've pull a 36' tt cross country and it did perfect. Its starting to look like i'm just goin to buy a new holiday rambler savoy its already got the extended pin box and i'll have a slider put in the truck just to make sure i don't get to install a new rear window. Thank you for takin the time to reply to my question. thanks again and have a great day.