First Long Trip


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Or Long to me! :laugh: , Left Sacramento, Ca at 5:30am. In a 1993 Fleetwood pace Arrow. Just out of Sac you would have thought I was trying to get rid of west nile virus all by my self! So many Mosquitos on the windshield I had to pull over to clean them off. Got all the way to the Grapevine on I-5 and Temp started going up on the enigine. So I pulled over and Had Lunch. (nice to be in an RV). Finished climbing the Grapevine and pulled into a truck stop, Bought a new Termostat. (had another lighter lunch) Filled up, figured out gas millage :disapprove: 8MPG, cruised into LA with a full tank, $3.31 Per Gallon there. Got to the Anahiem Resort RV Park, 1st spot they gave me was right in front of the restrooms, 2nd spot was a very nice spot. Spent 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure with Wife, Daughter and Granddaughter.Had too much fun!!!Everything worked on the RV like I hope it is supposed to, Frig staied cold and the heater kept us warm. The weather in LA for all 3 days was overcast and between 70 Degs and 76 Degs. Perfect in my opinion. Got home clean RV and put it away with zero problems. :cool:

Thanks to all with my Frig Problems