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Hello All,

I am in the early phases of researching trailers. I have a 2006 F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 5.4L with a 6.5' bed (GCWR- 14,500, GVWR- 7,200). I trying to find the largest trailer that this vehicle will comfortable and safely handle. I would like to find something with solid walls (not a pop up or expandable) with a queen bed, at least 2 bunks, sofa and dinette. Does anyone have any recommendations on manufacturers or models. I have seen quite a few "ultra light" models but am trying to get up to speed on which manufacturers to avoid, etc. Are there any manufactures that specialize in small lightweight 5'ers? I don't really like slider hitches but would rather have a 5'er on a slider than a pull behind on a WD hitch.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I had a 24.5' Terry lite fifth wheel with a Queen bed, sofa bed and dinette bed. GVWR of around 7000, which was marginal for a 1/2 ton pickup. We generally only loaded it about '1/2 way', but that really is not the wisest way to select a trailer; using GVWR is safer.

It was fine in size and quality for occasional use, but being 'ultra-lite' and 'ultra-cheap' it was built 'ultra-flimsy' and started to fall apart after a few years.

So what should you get? With that vehicle, it looks like you are looking at about 7000 pounds - minus (in the truck) any cargo, added options, passangers and anything you weigh over 150 pounds. That is the 'maximum' and exceeding that can lead to accellerated wear, increased chance of accident, loss of warranty and exposure to lawsuits. Personnally, I like to limit 1/2 ton vehicles to 5000 pound trailers, which leaves plenty of room for safety. Another problem with 1/2 tons and fifth wheels is that even if you stay within the GCWR, the pin weight of the trailer often causes you to exceed your rear GAWR.

Not much is available in that weight range, at least in 'real' trailers. I've seen some 'micro' trailers, even fifth wheels, which should serve weight-wise, but may be too cramped for full enjoyment, particularly with 4 people. Although a fifth wheel is easier to hook up and tow, you might be able to get more trailer in a standard TT. Pullrite has a hitch for that which claims to make a TT tow as well as a fiver, and make it easier to hook up as well.

Perhaps you could look at the Chalet style 'pop-up'. The walls are solid, and fold up/down in a few seconds to make an 'A frame' style trailer.
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Dutchmen Mfg makes the Adirondack and Tundra series which are design for the 1/2 ton truck market. R-Vision make several models that would work on a 1/2 ton. Forest River makes the Rockwood and Flagstaff unit that will work well with your vehicle.