First time buyer

:cool: Getting ready to make my first purchase of an RV. 2003 HR Navagator, 3,000 miles, $ 275,000.00 never been owned before, from a dealer. Any advice from anyone who thinks I shouldn't and why.
First time buyer

Kirk's reference to the NADA pricing website is a good place to start, with the knowledge that the prices given to the public are somewhat higher that those given to N.A.D.A. member dealers. Also, I understand they are somewhat higher than Kelly Blue Book prices as used by banks, Etc.

Also, you may want to join the Yahoo Group for Diesel RV owners to gather information from the 2800+ members of the group.
this URL may get you there:
First time buyer

Lotta good advice above. I also am wary of a unit 3 yrs old (could have been built in late 2002) with this mileage on it. There is a thing called "lot rot" i.e. inactivity which accelerates deterioration of RV's. :(


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First time buyer

3000 miles is used no matter what they say. Don't pay any more than used value for it, and check the warranty provided/left. NADA (link above) should give you a good target value, and the dealer should be eager to unload a 2 to 3 year old elephant...
First time buyer

Thanks everyone for the input. I ran the book value, it can in at $276,000.00 in good condition. Since I posted the first eamil the dealer has dropped the price below $ 275,000.00 and has offered to supply new coach warranty. I've done my homework on the dealership (BBB and such)and they come in with high marks for service after the sale. Guess I'll buy extended warranty and make the plunge.

Thank you all and I'll be back with, How-To-Questions, as I become a, RVer.